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At Countrykid, we believe that healthy food makes a healthy world. We export world-class premium products in the food industry. Our list of products includes honey, millet seeds, grain flour, toor dal, white sorghum seeds, coco peat powder, coco peat block, and vermicompost. We provide different types of honey-like forest honey, Kashmir honey, and multiflora honey. The honey provided by us is of great quality, has a good taste, and is highly nutritional as well. We offer many types of millet seeds like pearl millet seeds and finger millet seeds. These millet seeds are hygienically processed under some good conditions at our vendor’s end. We offer all our products in excellent packaging materials. We promise to deliver you the best quality products. We are instrumental in exporting our products to different markets in the USA and UAE.

Cocopeat Block

This is a natural coconut peat block in the shape of a cube. It is used for seedling growth, nutrient enrichment of soils, plant growth, as well as other gardening purposes. When you add water to it, it spreads. It aids in the retention of fluids and is resistive to bacterial and mould infection. Cocopeat is seen as a promising solution to the soil by gardeners. Cocopeat-grown hydro plants grow 50% quicker than those planted on soil. It also minimizes the need for fertilisers, chemicals, and herbicides because peat contains enough nutrients on its own. We provide premium quality cocopeat blocks.


Vermicompost is a combination of decomposed plant or organic waste, and organic manures created by the process of decomposition utilizing dozens of varieties of worms, probably red wigglers, white worms, as well as other earthworms. Vermicompost has a number of advantages, the most significant of which are- It functions as a biofertilizer, helps restore soil quality, and improves soil health over time. We provide top-notch vermicompost at affordable prices.

Urad Dal

Black Gram, commonly called "Urad Dal," are pulses that are linked to cowpeas and mung beans, while being usually referred to as lentils. They are still a prominent cooking item in India, where they are used in dishes like dal makhani, pancake, and papad. Urad dal is a high-protein and high-vitamin B food. We provide our customers with top quality, organic and 100% pure Urad dal at budget-friendly prices.

Kashmiri Honey

Kashmiri Honey is a wonderful delicacy and remedy that can provide you with a variety of health-promoting and enhancing advantages. Kashmiri honey is an organic sweetener with a low glycemic value. This amber-colored, creamy syrup with a delightful fragrance is from Kashmir's valleys. This honey mostly contains the nectar of the Acacia tree prevalent in the Kashmir region. Beekeepers collect this nectar from the Apis Mellifera variety of bees' hives.

Ragi Flour

Ragi is a gluten-free whole grain that is popular in South India. It is high in fibre, which aids in losing weight and health management. Ragi is high in fibre, Vitamin D, minerals, calcium and amino acids, making it an excellent diabetic food. It also contains more polyphenols than regularly consumed grains such as rice, wheat, and corn, which aid in blood sugar regulation.

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